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Mask Resistance Tester

Product No: WKS-1200

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  • Description
  • The WKS-1200 Mask Resistance Tester meets the YY0469-2011Technical Requirements for Medical Surgical Masks” standard. When setting different flow of air flow through a mask of a certain area, the pressure at both ends of the mask is detected to detect the respiratory resistance of the mask, which is suitable for medical device inspection department, medical surgical mask production department and related research departments.

    Applicable Standards: YY0469-2011Technical Requirements for Medical Surgical Masks

    Technical Features:
    • Press-type mask pressing self-locking device, easy to operate and stable
    • Electronic flow meter with high flow control accuracy;
    • Automatic constant current control, automatic judgment of qualified samples;
    • Low noise, long life brushless flow pump;
    • 5 inch English color touch screen display.

    Main Parameter

    Parameter Range

    Resolution Radio

    Test Accuracy

    Flow Rane




    Differential Pressure Measurement




    Mask test caliber


    Power Adapter

    AC 220V 50/60Hz

    Overall size


    Product Weight

     About 5KGS