Composite Salt Spray Test Chamber

Composite Salt Spray Test Chamber

Product No: YWX/Q-010X

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Composite Salt Spray Test Chamber stimulate the actual natural conditions to do accelerated corrosion test, all the testing are based on common states on the natural environmental: such as combine with salt spray, hot air drying, humidity, low temperature and so on. The test samples are widely used on the intense changes in the environment, like automobile parts, aviation equipment, building materials, coating, electric and electrical machinery so on. YWX/Q-150X series is  full compliance with ASTM D4728I, EC 60068-2-1, IEC 60068-2-14 and EIA/JEDEC JESD22-110-B standard requirements etc.

ModelWork Room Size (mm)VoltagePower (KW)


• Test room temperature range: +20℃~+80℃
• Relative humidity: 30%~98%RH (±3%)
• Saturated barrel temperature: 47℃~70℃
• Temperature uniformity: ≤±1℃
• Temperature fluctuation: ≤±2℃
• Test time:0-999H, M (Adjustable)
• Settlement: 1-2ml/80cm²/h
• Spray method: Programmable spray, dry, wet
• Demisting way: Exhaust fog by extrusion the air
• Sample holder: Meet the standard requirements