LMS-9000A Spectroradiometer New Functions Introduction

As we known that the quality of LED products depend on lumen, lumen efficiency temperature and CRI etc parameters, the general test device is application with spectroradiometer & integrating sphere system to measuring electrical, photometric and colorimetric parameters. This system mainly testing lumen, CCT, CRI, spectrum, SDCM, voltage, current, power and power factor etc. As general test device, this system have better test function to measuring LED lamp at some period, it’s hard to checking the actual quality of LED lamps after long time used. On the other hand, the customers became more and more care about the life time of LED lighting products, this is require some test device have to meet this test demand, and the America Energy Star issued the IES-LM-80-08 which have clearly defined how to test LED life and guidance rules.

LED life time test which simulation the luminaires lumen output at three different temperatures, the change of LED colorimetric parameters. After long time lighting on the LED lamp to collect the relevant data, then analysis it to get final estimate the life time. The IES-LM-80 have mentioned one of important test, that’s luminaires lumen output after long time lighting on which at three different temperature environment, we call it luminous flux maintenance test, the lumen maintenance test is for checking the change of lumen VS time, CCT VS time and CRI VS time etc. Focus on practice test demand, Lisun Shanghai designer developed the LM-80 extend test function based on LPCE-2(LMS-9000A) test software, besides the general photometric, colorimetric and electrical parameter test, the LMS-9000A Spectroradiometer system have extra two software: one is LM-80 lumen maintenance test; the second is change of Photometric VS Electrical test. The LM-80 lumen maintenance test software, that means we can set the constant 220V voltage at software, this software can collect the data of Lumen VS Time, CCT VS Time, CRI VS Time, power VS Time, Power Factor VS Time, Current VS Time and Efficiency VS Time, then the software will automatic analysis the data and make a curve diagram for each group and can export Excel format document.