The Successful Export of LSG-2000 and LPCE-1 to Mexico

The Successful Export of LSG-2000 and LPCE-1 to Mexico

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  • 2011-09-30

Before the first two weeks of the upcoming China National Day means a lot to Lisun Electronics Inc. In August 2011, CS  Tech Mexico placed the order Goniophotometer with Rotating Mirror LSG-2000 and Spectrophotometer & Integrating Sphere Test System LPCE-1equipment.

CS Tech Mexico selected LSG-2000 and LPCE-1 after the customer deep understanding on the Lisun Group’s high accuracy test instruments and the trust of the company. CS Tech Mexico repeatedly compared the Europe and China’s other types of Goniophotometers manufactory, both in principle and the measured results, LSG-2000 and LPCE-1 have more obvious advantage in the stability of the test results and repetition.

The lamps and lanterns of first-class products depends on the first-class natural detection means, Mexico lamps and lanterns design production unit has strict requirement of the quality of the lamp test equipment, LSG-2000 and LPCE-1 system is an indispensable detection means of lamps and lanterns test, used for the test analysis and the control of the quality of the lamps and lanterns.

About CS Tech Mexico S.A. de C.V.: it is a company of Eco Depot, Inc.’s (OTCQB: ECDP) (PINKSHEETS: ECDP): In the last 10 years, their R&D department has achieved the highest luminance efficacy rating of any LED indoor lighting system. The luminaire itself is the lightest in comparison to other competitors. Their highly efficient LED housing design, rich color rendering and superior luminescence, will be the product of choice for clients around the world. CS Tech Mexico will deliver the future of energy efficient and environment (environmental chamber) friendly products to all participants of global preservation.

In August, 2012, engineers from Lisun Group received gracious invitation and warm welcome from CS  Tech Mexico and provided the installation and training service to our customers.

Our engineers show our customers how to install and operate the instruments, engineers cooperate very well, everything goes so well with the installation and training work, several days later, our customers all know how to use the instruments to test products. they are all grateful for the intallation and training service provided by Lisun Group, then engineers finish installation and training service smoothly, the following is the picturtes taken in CS TECH Mexico, please enjoy it.